Kosova Makers League with the support of BONEVET Foundation continues with DIGITAL CITIZEN 2.0, a project supported by IRIM and GOOGLE

GOOGLE returns to the region again with the DIGITAL CITIZEN 2.0 project, where Kosovo also benefits…

BONEVET Foundation continues with DIGITAL CITIZEN 2.0, a project supported by IRIM and GOOGLE

“Digital Citizen” is a project that enables public libraries to become innovation centers and centers for the development of digital competences. The purpose of the project is to help citizens better understand the labor market and at the same time introduce and enable them to work with some of the most advanced technological equipment.

This project is organized by IRIM (The Institute for Youth, Development and Innovation) with financial support from Google. IRIM (Institute for Development of Youth and Innovation), is a Croatian-based non-profit organization that develops and implements the largest STEM education program in Europe. Although IRIM originates and operates mainly in Croatia, together with local partners they have extended their projects to Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia, thus reaching thousands of children and adults. Many of the IRIM programs include joint regional activities. Cooperation of this kind is of great importance as the region in question still suffers from the conflicts of the 1990s.

STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) and the use of new technologies are now essential for modern societies and citizens around the world. Technological skills, critical thinking and problem-solving skills are some of the most prominent skills of the 21st century.

Libraries represent the best places to learn new skills and competencies, so the project aims to support them by donating educational technology equipment such as microbits, littleBits, 3D printers, filaments and more. In Kosovo, this project is implemented within the BONEVET Foundation. During 2019, “Digital Citizen” in Kosovo included 10 libraries. All are equipped with devices like LittleBits and BonsonKit. While, 5 of these libraries have also acquired a 3D printer. The BONEVET Foundation does free trainings and workshops to inform and educate librarians so that they can do the same for their community in the future. Libraries will also allow users to borrow equipment that encourages learning and creativity, free of charge.

This year (2020/21), the success of the project is expected to continue “Digital Citizen 2.0”. In addition, the BONEVET Foundation, in collaboration with IRIM, aims to include new libraries and provide ongoing support to their activities, by organizing educational workshops for librarians and motivating the public to work with technological equipment.

So, this project is a continuation of last year. Statistics show that within the project throughout the region 1,512 free workshops were held and 13,105 citizens benefited from the project.

Google’s Adriatic Director, Josko Mrndze, says Google believes technology plays a useful role in people’s daily lives. “We are inspired by the way people use technology in the acquisition of knowledge, in exploring their passions in the world around them.”

The BONEVET Foundation is a creative space where children and young people have the opportunity to learn subjects not provided by the official curriculum, discover their talents and develop them with passion and love. “Digital Citizen” is exactly what BONEVET aims to give to our society and community. A project where children, young people and adults can learn through digital devices and through reading books.

These are some of the reasons why such projects are being supported in our region.