KML OPEN (The Robotics Competition) presents KML Scratch Explorers, an educational and entertainment activity which will be realized online for children through Scratch coding.

KML Scratch Explorers was created to unite the community of children / students of the participating teams of the Robotics Competition (KML OPEN) in educational and entertainment activities which will be realized online.

By coding with Scratch, children can program stories, animations, and various games. Therefore, through KML Scratch Explorers children will be able to imagine, think creatively and create their own projects.

During May, the KML staff will share a series of weekly topics that stimulate interest, develop different interests and skills in children.

Topics set for May, which will be published every Monday, and for which children are invited to develop their projects are:

May 4 – 8: Space travel;

May 11-15: My imaginary robot;

May 18 – 22: Environmental protection;

May 25 – 29: My favorite movie.

At the end of each week, on our official website of KOSOVA MAKERS LEAGUE there will be a collection of projects based on their topics, where children in addition to sharing their projects with us, have the opportunity to see the projects and learn from their friends.

KML would like to thank the team mentors and the parents who have actively contributed by supporting the children and by continuously offering them opportunities for education, socialization and play.