KML Scratch Explorers in the past two weeks

Due to the situation created by COVID-19, Kosova Makers League decided to suspend its activities for an indefinite period. The KML Open robotic competition did not have the opportunity to continue its flow. Thus, we created a new concept of activities which we called KML Scratch Explorers in which children can participate from their homes, online.

KML Scratch Explorers brings together all participating students of the KML Open robotics competition. Students have the opportunity to explore more Scratch, the programming language, which is also used in the robotic competition. 

KML Scratch Explorers activities will run throughout May, where a theme lasts a week. During that week, students are first introduced to the topic and see instructions and examples of how the game or animation they choose to do should be coded. While students have fun coding in Scratch, they also benefit from other activities through this activity such as researching different topics, group communication with other students of different schools in Kosovo, competition, answering quiz questions, etc.

Children have the right to vote for the best work. The first 3 most voted places win a prize from Kosova Makers League. While, for all the first 10 videos, a combination of their work will be done and they will be shared on the social networks of Kosova Makers League.

The topics so far have been: “Space travel” and “My imaginary robot”. While we are continuing the remaining two weeks of May with the topics: “Environmental protection”, and “My favorite movie”.

We are pleased to announce that KML Scratch Explorers has about 180 members, about 130 of whom are students, while others are parents and mentors. The reason why we have included parents and mentors is to support their children and students and see the work they are doing. In the first two weeks we received about 80 papers.

To see their projects, click on this link: