KML Scratch Explorers will continue throughout June

The fourth week of KML Scratch Explorers, where children had the opportunity to work on animations or games with the theme “My favorite movie”, was successfully closed. The topics they had the opportunity to showcase their skills and creativity over the four weeks were: “Space Travel,” “My Imaginary Robot,” “Environmental Protection,” and “My Favorite Movie.”

The total number of members in the Facebook group is 190 members, of which about 130 are children, while the rest are parents and teachers. All of these students have been involved in KML Scratch Explorers activities by coding games, animations, interactive stories with the Scratch programming language, participating in various weekly quizzes, sharing their projects with peers and group mates, and befriending each other.

In four weeks, KML has accepted 124 completed works coded with Scratch by 54 students. These 54 students represented 21 primary schools from 10 different municipalities in Kosovo, where 32 of them were boys and 22 girls. The projects are voted every week by the students themselves, the parents, and the mentors, and at the end of each week 3 winners are announced who have been rewarded by us with one book each.

To see all the projects, click here:

KML Scratch Explorers completed its planned activities for May. However, seeing the work of children, we have decided to extend this concept of activities during June as well. In collaboration with the recommendations of the children, members of KML Scratch Explorers, we have decided that the activities will continue in a wider flow of time. So instead of having kids work on a topic each week, they will have several topics, choose the topic they like, and work on it for two weeks. Topics will be different, always having the opportunity to learn from them, and at the same time have fun while working on their projects. In the middle of the week, we will continue again with the quizzes which will test the children’s knowledge on the relevant topic. 

Again, prizes will not be missing, the most voted work will be awarded by Kosovo Makers League.