KOSOVA MAKERS LEAGUE successfully completes the third round, at the same time the final round of the Robotics Competition!

Despite the situation created by the COVID-19 virus, KOSOVA MAKERS LEAGUE came up with an alternative to conclude the Robotics Competition for this year. The fourth round and the grand finale which we planned to organize physically were canceled, while the third round also became the defining round of the Competition winners.

The teams had the opportunity to finish the third round by programming the challenge sent through the programming language “Scratch” in the application mBlock from their homes, without having to use their educational robots – mBot.

45 participating teams, about 40 mentors and about 180 children worked on the challenge of the third round from 05-19 June, very successfully concluding the competition season for the 2019/20 school academic year.
KOSOVA MAKERS LEAGUE is extremely grateful to the mentors who, despite the current situation, with a lot of will and determination engaged their teams in this round and all participating students who with passion and enthusiasm managed to finalize their work that had started in November 2019.