We have announced the final results of the Robotics Competition – KML Open 2020/21

Kosova Makers League has successfully completed the third edition of the robotics competition for the 2020/21 academic year, which took place through four (4) rounds.

To continue the mission launched in the previous edition, where students landed their robots on an unknown planet which they later explored, this year the competition was held on the topic “Space travel of robots and their return to Earth”.

86 teams with 450 students and over 70 mentors from 20 different municipalities of Kosovo traveled through space during the months of November – May with their robots ending their journey with the safe return of the robots to planet Earth.

The programming language that students use to program their robots is Scratch.

Scratch enables children to develop their technical and soft skills, logical thinking, encourages them to implement their ideas and creatively solve problems they may encounter, fosters team spirit and makes the learning experience fun and exciting.

After the robots have completed their journey reaching our planet, the final round was held and the theme was “Build your city”, where students from the participating teams were engaged to build their cities based on their ideas and creativity.

The city built by the team of the NGO “SOS Villages”.

“The most interesting part according to the children’s assessment was the final round of the competition, where the children gave different ideas regarding the construction of their city. Through their creativity, they have selected to present SOS Village as a safe environment for them “- Valentina Osmani (Mentor of the team from the NGO” SOS Villages “)

The final results of the robotics competition can be found in the buttons below.

The winner of the third edition of KML OPEN from the cycle of grades 1-5 is the primary school “Milenumi i Trete ” in Prishtina and the winner of the cycle of grades 6-9 is the primary school “Lasgush Poradeci” in Rashincë, Shtime.

KOSOVA MAKERS LEAGUE would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all the participating teams for their active commitment, motivation and enthusiasm conveyed throughout the edition.