Kosova Makers League Open is the largest robotics competition for primary schools and other educational institutions in Kosovo, and is available for grades (1-5) and (6-9), i.e. for children with an age group from 6 to15 years old. This competition is organized by the BONEVET Foundation. 

All public and private primary schools and all other educational institutions from all over Kosovo can become part of the competition by creating their own teams of five (5) members (1 Mentor and 4 students). Mentors in KML can be school teachers, parents or external volunteers who express willingness to work with children and are authorized by relevant institutions. 

By participating in the competition, KML equips each member (team participant) with an educational robot, mBot, which offers very simple access to the world of robotics, but also enables more advanced use. 

The children of the participating teams are required to build their own robots and also to program them. The programming language to be used by them is ‘Scratch’, a visual programming language created primarily for children so that they can use it to create interactive stories, animations and various games. This language is implemented in the mBlock application, an application which will be used to move robots. 

Throughout the competition, the main goal of KML is to create a positive and healthy environment so that children can increase their interest in STEM fields, develop soft skills, critical thinking and improve problem-solving skills. 




  • The Robotics Competition “Kosova Makers League” is organized by the BONEVET Foundation and educational institutions (formal and informal) can become part of this competition by registering online through the official website www.kosovamakers.net 
  • Participation in the Robotics Competition is allowed for public, private schools and other centers or institutions that collect and educate children in the age groups of grades 1 (one) to 9 (nine). Also, other educational institutions have the opportunity to participate in the competition, if they possess the necessary equipment for the realization of the competition and express interest in joining the competition.  
  • Criteria for participation in the competition:  

– Educational institutions with 0 – 500 students can include only one (1) team in the competition; 

– Educational institutions with 500 – 1000 students can include up to two (2) teams in the competition;  

– Educational institutions with 1000 – 1500 students can include up to three (3) teams in the competition; 

– Educational institutions with 1500+ students can include up to four (4) teams in the competition. 


  • In the KML Open Robotics Competition, primary school students are divided into two categories. 

– The first category includes children attending grades 1 (one) to 5 (five); and  

– The second category includes children attending grades 6 (six) to 9 (nine).

  • An educational institution, which is allowed to apply with more than one team, has the right for the children who are members of the teams to be of the same category (1-5) or (6-9).)   
  • It is preferable for the teams to have representation based on gender equality, i.e. we encourage that team consists of two (2) girls and two (2) boys.  
  • The person authorized by the educational institution (Mentor) has the right to supervise at most two (2) teams of an institution, only if the school has more than 500 students. 
  • Every person authorized by the educational institution (Mentor) must register in the group of mentors on the social network Facebook.
  • The organizer reserves the right to disqualify the teams participating in the competition, in case of fraud, misconduct, manipulation of the online results system and anything else that may contribute to the damage of the league.



  • The Robotics Competition has a total of 5 (five) rounds which are held throughout the school year 2020-2021. 
  • The first four (4) rounds will take place online and according to the original format of the competition, the final / fifth round (5) is expected to be physical.  

* However, as a result of the pandemic situation in the country, the Organizer will assess the current situation at that time and will decide on the organization of the final round, respecting all the measures set by the relevant institutions for public health in the country. 

  • Each round will have the challenge with the relevant instructions and the evaluation table. 
  • The evaluation form may vary depending on the rounds. 
  • It will be done by the mentors of the respective teams (for online rounds), while for the final round (if it will be organized in a physical format), the evaluation will be done by the evaluation team of KML. Points are collected from each round and the winning teams of the robotics competition are announced based on the points collected over the five (5) total rounds. 








  • The results accumulated by the teams in a respective round will not be decisive for the possibility of continuing to participate in other rounds of the competition. 
  • Regardless of the final results of a respective round, each team has the right to participate in all five (5) rounds of the competition. 
  • If a team participates in a round but is not able to participate in the next round, that team has the right to continue participating in the next rounds. 
  • Participants will receive assignments (challenges with instructions and evaluation board) for the rounds organized through the official website www.kosovamakers.net 



  • The names of all participating schools and institutions will be announced on the official website www.kosovamakers.net
  • All information about the competition, regulations, challenge instructions for Participants and Mentors of the competition rounds will be uploaded to the online system “NEURON”.  

* The online system “NEURON” is the system which will be used throughout the competition by enabling mentors to record the data of the institution they represent, their data as mentors, the data of students participating in teams, to download the necessary documents for each round and upload the results of their teams for each round. 

  • The results of the teams after uploading them in the “NEURON” system will be checked for correctness by the evaluation team of KML and the final results of each round will be published on the official website www.kosovamakers.net   
  • Contesting teams are encouraged to post about KML on their social networks regarding participation, important developments during the rounds and promotion of technological equipment shared by KML / BONEVET.  
  • In case of any change in the participation of the representative teams from the school (whether the change of Mentor, participating children), the Participant must inform the Organizer in a timely manner. 




  • The two winning teams of the Robotics Competition – KOSOVA MAKERS LEAGUE OPEN will win the right to represent Kosovo in the Regional Robotics Competition – MakeX OPEN in Croatia. 
  • The team that accumulates the most points in competitions in Croatia will continue to participate in the World Robotics Competitions in Guangzhou, China. 

* Note: As a result of the pandemic situation worldwide, the Organizer will assess the current situation at that time and decide on the participation of winning teams from Kosovo in international competitions. Also, the organizers of these events in Croatia and China will announce about the organization of competitions and the necessary information in time. 

Regarding the current public health situation in the country and around the world, KOSOVA MAKERS LEAGUE will provide prizes for the winning teams of the Robotics Competition for the academic year 2020-21.